We love to fish

From Our Kahuna, Roger Mikulecky:

Next Meeting October 17th. 7:00 PM

Clubhouse 6:00 PM for Dinner

Well, I'm really looking forward to this meeting on the 17 of October. I've been trying for some time to get the folks at the Redding fly shop to give us a visit. Well they are going to be here on the 17 th . This one is going to be a great night.

They are coming to talk to us about fishing from Alaska, to Canada, to Chile, and Argentina.

They are going to spend some time talking about Steelhead opportunities in Northern Calif, like the Sacramento, Kalamath, and.

They are also going to talk about all their local fisheries and cabins in Northern Calif. and Oregon.

I have been dealing with The Fly Shop for over 25 yrs. Not a lot, but every time I needed any thing for get away fishing these guys were always a great help.

I'm sure that we can fill the place and get some really good info on fishing close to home, in Northern Calif. in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Any way, put this one down and we will see you on the 17 th.